Hey there, this is a part of the 25 Video series which deep dives on the simple and advanced concepts in price action trading. Its a part of the I3T3 Mega Webinar …


  1. Learned a lot from this video. Thank you ! … if there was a section where all the concepts was explained in the live market too then it would have been the cherry on the icing.

  2. Loving your videos… So much to learn… & I must say this is the Primer for all other (longer, or 'extended range') videos on Price Action Strategies.

  3. सभी आपने बुक्स , नेट , और जो भी सोर्सेस से लिया हैं और तहे दिलसे आपने उसे स्विकार भी किया है.यह आपका बड्डपन हैं !


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