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7 Things To Look For Before You Choose a Forex Broker

7 Things To Look For Before You Choose a Forex Broker

If you’re looking for a Forex broker or stock broker, here are a few you can consider… IC Markets: https://www.icmarkets.com/en/?camp=37277 Webull: …


  1. Trading as a beginner was very difficult due to lack on trading experience, This resulted in losing my funds though I've been able to recover all that I lost, all thanks to Mr @Carlos_1uptrades on Instagram, I never knew good traders still exist untill I come in touch with him.

  2. Doesn't matter about your citizenship, what matters is the country where you can show proof of address. If you live in the US, but can show proof of address in say Cayman Islands, well then you can basically open a forex account with any broker at that point. I always recommend incorporating offshore and then opening a trading account from the offshore corp.

  3. Hey hey my Friend, So pretty important question here for me!? So I notice you trade mostly Forex! My question is will most of these techniques work with the stock market as well, or are the mainly for Forex?

  4. The funny part when your suggestion is to find a broker regulate from singapore, australia or uk authorities but in your description box you suggests us to find a broker from china and usa (webull) and also from Seychelles island (icmarket) which known as an island for financial pirates.

  5. I lost a lot of money due to a scam broker – don't rely on good reviews. Always check that they are F.C.A. regulated (UK) USING THE OFFICIAL F.C.A. WEBSITE and don't take the brokers word for it. Also try to meet them unannounced at their premises – you'll get a much better idea if it is a company worth dealing with.

  6. Sorry sir ..my question is kinda i relevant to the video ….i was asking when trading breakout using the build up technique you taught us in the previous videos

    the build up(consolidation of candles) should it be below the resistance or above the resistance for it to go high?

    and what are the indicator that show this breakout will retest or will not retest?
    because i have been waiting for retest but unfortunately market just goes high …and you said we should not trade parabola so i just end up missing opportunities

    Thanks a lot though you such a good teacher ?

  7. Hi Rayner, i appreciate your videos and learn a lot. I have a question for you: when trading with index futures can it happen that Stop loss is not triggered and there can be huge loss that account wipes out. Or does the exchange has in built mechanisms to stop trading to curtail market losses.

  8. Just an additional note to Rayner video. Always look for a broker whose deposit rates depending on how much you want to trade. I prefer rates that range from $50-$100. If you are a big boi, $200-$500 is no problem for you.

  9. Greetings from Scotland. Just found your channel…wow some excellent information on here, been trading for over 15 years and its great to see someone like you providing so many videos free of cost. If I may make a suggestion, you should include some info on how to read fundamentals of the asset that they are trading. I assume with that accent you are from SG, lived there from 2005 to 2016, started off with an apartment in Great World City , then moved to River Valley for a few years and finished off in Toh Tuck Road for the last 6 years which were the best, living with the locals, not a foreigner in sight. LOL , not a day goes by without me thinking about my 10 years there, keep up the great work.

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