The Bitcoin Superhero Project

Hey guys,Bitcoin's 12th Birthday / Halloween just passed. With that, I hope to show tribute to the king of cryptocurrency. We all can relate to our childhood superheroes. And I think Bitcoin deserves one (or more) too. I think a visual representation of Bitcoin's characteristics and history would be fun to bring to life. So with that I would like to create the Bitcoin superhero project. I will be posting images of our superhero here as we go.

  1. If you have any character concept ideas or suggestions please do share it!
  2. If you have your own art, showcase it too 🙂
  3. We can vote on our favorite designs 🙂

Thanks guys!
-One Blue Land

Let me start off with the first Bitcoin character concept. Let me know what you think!

Update:Here is the second one. More to come!


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