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  1. Why would you even trade the dollar. For the most part any combo of EUR GBP NZD CHF and AUD you should be trading. The big banks will come in a manipulate it or trump will drop a crisis tweet and the thing shoot the other way

  2. Thank you Andrew! Your videos are amazing how you show everything to help us newbies learn! I’m going to join your academy so I can be more successful. Thank you for caring about all of us who have had their income affected by this situation!!! May your abundance grow and grow!!

  3. hey man, I appreciate your content here on YT and I think many people would benefit from a video where you explain how to read the news and based on that predict the market movements. Thanks!

  4. Great guy offers the most value in his videos straight to the point and his strategies work. I have been practicing for about 5 weeks now and starting to see success with about 90% of my trades with 1:2,3 Risk to reward ratio amazing guy I will continue to watch teaches you what you need to know and cuts out the BS.

  5. Andrew!!! Thanks a lot!!!!
    Maybe Xau also is a good moment to go. I would like to know if your m5 profit we can use normally.

  6. Hi Andrew…Thank you for sheering your knowledge…Please, make your screen smaller because we can not see what are doing behind you… Thank you again.


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