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  1. Hi Stacey really love your work , been watching for the past 6 weeks, would you recommend taking trades in the hour after the 12 candle window? For example if the end of an M formation was made at the end of the 12 candle window would you enter the trade at letโ€™s say 11:30 NY EST?

  2. Hi Stacey, just letting you know the white board explanation about the candle movements/patterns were a lot clear/more specific in this video as a viewer point of view who's trying to understand what's in your mind about this particular price action analysis and anticipating the high probable next moves and also having the best trade entries. Thanks.

    I guess, there are many ways to enter the market, but direction is the question isn't it? If the price action is clear, specifically the candles movement pattern, to pick the high probable direction, trades can be profitable more often than not. In your way of analysing the market, there will be 95% of chance of winning if we are emotionally stable :). Sorry it's long message, but your videos make us realise a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers!

  3. Is this MT4 platform or MT5? what is that indicator you are using with multiples of 100% range basing the size of the consolidation box after BO for TP. Thanks for this simple and effective way of trading intraday sir.

  4. Hi Stacey, as always great content..many many thanks. One honest feedback though. I guess your using 2 separate mics, (??) am not sure, but your voice is walking from left to right and vice versa, depending on where your mouth is closer to one of those mic, (like listening to an "stereo" setting.) Not a big deal though.. Pls pls don't get me wrong.. Cheers and more power ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜Š

  5. Huge thanks on another solid video. I'm literally averaging 50-60 pips and then I'm out of the market. On to the next day. These videos have helped with taking profits, and understanding when a move is exhausted (big struggle with that in the past).

  6. I was thinking the same thing while ago and recently too, that best traders can't actually backtest strategy, because the information for every trading day is in particular context, that can't be extracted back in time. So I like that you made this point.
    Keep the good work Mr. Burke!

  7. Another thing I am learning, and this may be in current market conditions only … the NY 12 bars, have been setting up for a NY close move (2-5PM EST). It brings the need for patience. Two days in a row, I got out of trades at BE an hour or so before the move down because I thought the move was over or no longer valid. Patience for the afternoon!

  8. Just amazing , i found your videos and your audio MP3 last week and started to train myself to stay stuck to the plan , i prepare the following day at new-york close , no indicators ( only isession and sweetspot ) i draw my lines high and low daily and weekly , and my 12 candles box …so 31 trades in 2 days on 6 pairs GBP , 1 loss because i closed it when i had a doubt , but it would have been positive 2 hours later , 6 stopped at BE , and 25 positive , i am not looking at the money just being confident in the process ….just amazing , the plan is to work on it and repeat the plan . Thank you so much !

  9. Here is what I love about what you teach … absolutes … let me explain. There is always a HOD and LOD (absolute), there is always HOW/LOW (absolute), there are always 00's and 50's (absolute). There aren't many absolutes in trading, but if we can find a way to leverage these absolutes that happen every single day, there is a good chance for long term success. I am getting caught up in their games, quick moves, and mid-range pin bars etc. The absolutes help me keep my focus. Thank you Stacey!

  10. really enjoy your videos, trying my best to learn daily and not thinking about the money as I'm trying to really do this a career, which is hard to do when i want to trade london and US which starts at 12am for me pacific! please keep the videos coming, much apreciated!

  11. hi stacey, thanks for the great videos you are making, this one was a master class, the system is cristal clear and it works, i remember you saying in other videos that traders try to look for the holy grail, let me tell you that you foud it, keep up the great work.


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