On Black Monday 1987, panic gripped the markets and prices crashed. Many investors saw huge losses on that day, but some were prepared and saw it coming …


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  3. when Dow falls, do nothing. take a nap.
    in the next few days everything will be ok.
    never sells, never realize the loss. stay until the end.

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  6. 5:46 bullshit. I guess you never heard of WallStreetBets. Kids turning $2,000 into $68k on a single options trade. Dudes leveraging $100k and making $3.2 million just to bet those wins and lose a million in the process like it's nothing.

  7. First of all I was a series 7 broker on in 1987 and watched the crash. I guess I did not watch the whole thing, but there were no Forex market in 1987 and so I fast forwarded it and did not see what they were talking about.

  8. I almost quit forex at the beginning. Losses upon loses. I was at $30 dollars left on my account and just said fuck it I quit and went full margin on what I had remaining. Unknowniling I had entered during a major trend reversal and during the next 24 -36 hours I kept stacking and compounding my trade was growing exponentially. At the end of 36hrs I had turned $30 into $600. At that moment I realized the extreme power of forex and made a decision to not quit but get really good at it.

  9. ironic the nz finace minister at the time was roger douglas, he had orchestrated radical free market reforms, and floated the kiwi.

  10. So he destroyed a currency an innocent people? Much like Soros. Nothing to be cheered or admired.
    These crooks get bailed out when their trades go south.

  11. 1 percent commission…. the waitress does nothing other than spit in my food and I have to pay 10 percent commission for that and the genius only gets 1 percent…

  12. Bro i just have to say these videos are amazingly put together, edited and just down right interesting hope you keep making these!

  13. i have a feeling these broker now a days, althought is regulated will just do something shady like closing your account.. you doing this amount of profit…

  14. IT'S FUNNY TO SEE HOW THIS VIDEO GOT 223 000 OF VIES AND A LOT OF YOUR MUCH MORE VALUABLE VIDEOS FOR TRADERS DIDN'T GET EVEN 2000…I AM A BEAR SO, NOT EVEN GOING TO WATCH IT…BUT IT'S REALLY FUNNY,,,P.S: WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU CHANNEL "NICHOLAS PURI"? Weren't you a trader? or what? Only because it didn't give the Dopamine in your brain you gave up on it so soon?

  15. This video couldn’t be any more wrong, that was too much risk for a single trade and in fact it could’ve just as easily went the other way… sure, he has balls. But believe me when I say that this kind of “trading” will blow up any account, doesn’t matter if you’re Albert Einstein


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