Why RISK REWARD Ratio Is Most Important In PRICE ACTION TRADING. In This Price Action Trading Strategies video I have explained Price Action Trading …


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  2. The pullback/ retracement has certainly helped me take better trades, Thank you – Getting better with your guidance!

  3. I am not simply watching your video one by one. But im watching one video again and again to get well understand. Then only I switch to another video…. your presentation is superb and you should be a lecturer. I will drop comment on your each video after i watch. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ❣️❣️❣️❣️

  4. Hi sir just one suggestion / request
    If you could come live or share your views on market conditions.
    Like what can happen / probability depending upon global conditions etc how market May react to it . Etc just one. Suggestion to interact with subscribers and more engagement in Channel
    Take it as Request
    Thanks Sir again for the videos.

  5. Hello Raunak sir, I hope you are doing great.

    I have a doubt regarding stock selection for the next day.

    My little understanding and your teachings suggest that whenever the price is within the range it is more likely to break out on either side.

    I have attached a chart below, to explain my query, it would be great if you could check the same.


    Thank you.

  6. All of your videos are really great. I am in a midway to complete all the videos from your channel. I want to know your opinion on fractal. And if you can create video on fractal strategy that would be great.

  7. Dear Rounak, can you help me understand what will I learn from your VSA course ..also do I need to buy a SW system post your trg to get the visibility to market profile ? How will this cousr help me with better trade. Regards and Thanks

  8. Hi Raunak, one quick question, when you marked the resistance level between 336 and 339 were you referring to previous days long wick candles or was it based on weekly or monthly pviot levels?

  9. Hi Rounak,
    please dont mind my approach or English or way of expression.
    a) You are my Buddha…. listening, learning, applying, reaping the befits as a student.
    b) sort of I listen to temple bells when I listen to your voice / videos…. honesty prevails.
    c) My accounts are changing…. June done… before July, I will be update about my part of contribution to the good work from different account
    d) Continue the good work you are doing and world (rather universe needs you)

  10. Sir, what exactly is trading in pull back set up. I understand break out set up. Can you please briefly explain especially with respect to individual stocks.Thanks in advance

  11. good video, but i prefer to add on instead of playing with total lot or total quantity at one go, its like SIP where u are investing at every level

  12. Hi… Ur videos and the knowledge ur sharing is very very good and impressive…. Before putting volume and vwap how to select the stock for trade…. Orelse once 15 TF candle is finished can v draw the lines and wait for the day….

  13. Good one. Your presentations style and content keep getting better by the day.
    Have a doubt regarding stock selection and execution. Plz affirm if I'm right in my strategy or otherwise.
    Select stocks based on Nr7 clusters on a daily time frame.
    Mark out ranges on a 30 min and 5 min chart
    And trade with your range breakout strategy. Any corrections needed?

  14. Hi Sir, thank you very much on the valuable input on time. As per you twitter stock advice on weekly stocks, did analysis and execute couple of trade today and it went very well. As it match the thought process and risk & reward ratio. Thanks again for your great support to retail investors. I have one query on FII data "how to find out FII/FPI Buying stocks sector wise for current month. Is there any free website which published the data. I got some data from NSDL sites but that is one month old. So if you know any source please let me know as I am not able to find it out".

  15. Sir, one confusion: is there any way to identify % break up of option buyers & writers when we analyse OI levels on both sides, please help..

  16. Hi brother after long time I'm here though I watch every single video of yours.
    Just wanted to confirm is this retracement context is confined to short sell trades or can be applied in long buy trades as well as per your experience. Thanks

  17. Very useful video sir, thank you.
    In intraday how much quantity 1 should trade with (max quantity) & request to make a video on intraday stock selection. Thank you

  18. when i found an opportunity I just entered 50% of my actual quantity. If the pullback happend I add the balance 50% quantity. If pullback not happened I just continue with the 50% quantity. This kind of approach helps me to average the price & not to miss the right opportunity. I don't know this kind of approach is right or not. But it works for me. Once again great video. Thank you sir.

  19. Thanks for your efforts and making this video! In recent few trades, I went into profits but end up hitting stop loss and go negative. May be market is too volatile or my RR ratio calculation is poor. ?

  20. Thank you Raunak Sir for highlighting the importance of the RR ratio again.

    Waiting for the next updates.

    I am still avoiding trading on gap days as you mentioned RR is generally not favorable on these days.

    New insights this time.

  21. Can you make a video creating the charts and what brokers should We use and how much money do we need to get started, thank you so much for your information.??

  22. Thanku for us a crisp video , I did take that trade but it was based on rejection on vwap and the pull back and rr could understand from this video


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