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My idea for the Satoshi symbol

My idea for the Satoshi symbol

My idea for the Satoshi symbol

  • It's a number 8 with a small part erased to represent the opposite of infinity symbol, which is "Finity" and sats are finite, ie. absolutely scarce.
  • It's very similar or the same to the small delta symbol which represents the change and difference, and I think that Bitcoin and Satoshi are the embodiment of that.
  • It is also similar to the small letter b in some languages and the symbolism is clear between the uppercase letter of B in bitcoin as a larger unit and the small "b" in satoshi as a smaller unit.
  • I think it's really memorable and easy to write on paper.
  • The symbol also has a letter S in itself to symbolize Satoshi.
  • I have checked globally accepted symbols as well as symbols of world currencies and couldn't find any similarities. I d like to be checked on this. We want something unique, aren't we? 😉

These are the connections and symbolism I could find between satoshi as a unit and this symbol I "Created". Tell me what you think. 🙂


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