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  12. if you have to deal with a broker you MUST know which book he or she's using(Book A or Book B)brokers want to benefit from your money hence most of them will tend to make you lose

  13. Its funny how many teachers there are in the game than there are traders earning from their own knowledge directly from the markets they claim to understand… Bottom line, its more profitable to teach retail traders than to trade directly and earn from Forex. FYI you can learn this stuff online for free. No mentor needed because these so called experts likely taught themselves using free online sources and charge you for it…Don't be fooled by these fake mentors and their dry cleaned suits.

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  15. If you want to coach me about Forex trading and you are not even a millionaire who made his wealth through Forex then you have little to offer me dude. This guy is probably just struggling with Forex trading like any other person. learn from people who actually become millionaires by investing in stocks like George Soros,Joe Lewis or Sandile shezi and Ref wayne of South Africa.

  16. After trading forex for 3 years,it is really hard for retail traders to make profit for long time.The market has been design to take money from retail traders.The only way to make money is to follow what market movers are doing….


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