Rampant police corruption in Nigeria means that simply having bitcoin apps and messages on your mobile device increases the risk of either any funds you hold being stolen or you being held until you pay a "bribe" to secure your release (i.e., extortion).

"In Nigeria you can’t do crypto currency #bitcoin without the fear of SARS @PoliceNG ?‍♀️ seize your?unlawfuly, instructs you to unlock it at gun point, invades your privacy scrolls through your apps & as soon as they see $ ? symbol you are tagged a criminal"

"What business does SARS have with checking our bank credit alerts?????"

"What business do SARS have with checking our bitcoin wallet????"

"What business do SARS have with going through our social media apps?????"

Now, due to protests over the weekend, the specific department (SARS) that was the most egregious is reportedly going to be disbanded, but the practice of extortion is not limited to that one police department.

What are ways to hide your bitcoin footprint on a mobile so that even corrupt police aren't able to tell that you hold or use bitcoin (at least, without doing forensics / cracking)?

I know of the ability to create multiple Android profiles, for instance, but I don't know if there's a way to hide them so that the only visible profile is an inert profile.

The methods will vary between Android and iOS, I presume. I'm more interested in Android, but if there are methods for iOS as well, please share.

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