A little bit about me and how i became a profitable forex trader! What my YouTube channel will be about and the type of videos i will be posting on here …


  1. Wowww this video is really inspirational, ive been wanting to get into trading but need to fully learn about it and give it a shot

  2. Could you mentor me for free for the first month because im not in the position to pay for a mentor and trade forex at the same time.

  3. I was in a course but they didn't treat me with respect I left it I did my own thing succeed a bit then fell now am just trying to put more work in to improve

  4. Assalam alaikum bro, Ramadan Mubarak , I’m glad I stumbled upon your channel and subscribed, can you make videos on what you look for in your analysis when you enter and exit trades?

  5. Salaam bro, i'm glad i got to see your previous videos. Really inspiring, specially when you're only a beginner trader with a little capital. Just paper trading for now, started a few weeks ago, hopefully gonna start trading with real money in a few months. Btw, thanks for your videos. Happy trading.^^

  6. A really inspiring personality for me tho,soon will become your student inshallah,and I would be glad to know the course contents in personal

  7. Very interesting vid bro, what strategy do u used when u trade because I’m not very consistent at all, plz I hope to hear from u soon…

  8. Glad I came across your channel. I'm very similar in your early stages. Just about to take a live account and see what I can do. New sub ?

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