Home Forex Videos Free Day Trading Course: (Lesson 4 of 9) Support and Resistance

Free Day Trading Course: (Lesson 4 of 9) Support and Resistance

Free Day Trading Course: (Lesson 4 of 9) Support and Resistance

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  1. Hey, thank you so much for this! Im studying, i heard you mention when drawing a resistance and support line, it shouldnt go through the body of a candle stick, but lookin at 8:08 the resistance trend line clearly draws through the body candle stick

  2. What actually causes all of the traders to follow these un-designated rules about where to buy and sell? Why doesn't price move more randomly through support and resistance as the many different traders do different things?

  3. I have been wathcing your videos and taking notes at the same time, thank you so much, easy to understand and you take your time to explain the things u would look for in an actual trade. I am so excited to have found this channel, is there anyway I could learn more from you please pleaseplease. thankssss

  4. Thanks a lot for the great content mate!I have just found out about your channel and i need to said its so great! i have watched 5 videos in a row.And already your subscriber!

  5. If I'm day-trading during the current pandemic, looking at 5 minute candles, how far back should I start marking the support and resistance levels from? (Considering that most stocks fell severely a the start of the lockdown)

  6. In lesson one you said trading in first 2 hours of market opening is optimal. How will we be able to identify entry points using the daily chart before the market is open. Is it from the previous day or the pre market hours?

  7. I recently came across your channel and I am so grateful for you. Your method of explaining day trading is phenomenal! I have unsubscribed from other channels and have solely focused on you for the past few days and have learned more in your past 4 videos than I have in a month.

  8. When using TradingView I am familiar with 4EMA with the inputs set at 8, 13, 21 and 55 respectively to use daily.
    How would you configure 50, 100 and 200 to get a more accurate hourly/minute reading on trading view?

  9. Great Job explaining this! Thank you!! I was just jumping in the water blind last couple of days, not even looking at daily supports and resistances. How far out should you go on daily support and resistance? 4 months? 6 months?

  10. Thank you so much ,,,your vids are perfect just what I have been looking for as a beginner. I’m a subscriber for life just stay true to your fans ..I just unsubscribed warrior trading and Timothy Sykes

  11. Thank you so much! So generous and kind of you to give this indispensable lesson for free, unbelievable! Very concise and easy to assimilate. It's just sad that a lot of those that charge fortunes are nothing compared to this… God bless you?


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