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  1. Bulls are trapped, however there are good arguments for a slow bullish uptrend in the next couple of months.. But not today!

  2. I dont think we can see a huge dump anytime soon. Too many people have seen btc bounce back over and over again. Many people missed the last dump and they are brave now. Many people waiting to buy dips

    Even alts, they just seem to steadily be pushing higher and higher. I got stopped out of all my alts on Black Cock Thursday about 30% decline each. I didnt re-buy, only to watch them all recover by 60-120%. Now I dont chase them, but they keep rising. FOMO is kicking hard, but im keeping it at bay, not buying anything. I wish I had fomo-ed back in a month ago

    I didnt sell any btc though. Its 80% of my crypto holdings and all I own today. I started to average out at 10k, and will continue if we hit 11k, up to 50% of my btc. The other 50% is for very long term

    LOL, I hate crypto. What a pain in my balls. So sick of it. Cant wait to cash out and buy some flats with the money and just chill…….


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