Bison Trails, a blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service company. announced today its latest product offering, Query & Transaction (QT) infrastructure. The QT infrastructure product was designed to meet the growing demand of traditional organizations and enterprises who want to build Web3 applications or integrate blockchain data into their products and services. QT is compatible with 40+ protocols and networks, and is powered by the Bison Trails platform.

Bison Trails’ QT node infrastructure connects off-chain systems like banking or trading products and services to blockchains, making it easy for anyone building a wide range of Web 3.0 applications to validate transactions, obtain information about them (query), and write data such as transfers or smart contract interactions (transactions). The QT node infrastructure is most useful for businesses and enterprises that require high throughput, high availability, and dedicated infrastructure in order to interact with blockchain networks.

“Anyone building products and services with blockchain data in the age of Web3 needs access to reliable read/write nodes, said Joe Lallouz, CEO of Bison Trails. “A problem that many companies face is when they try to develop and manage these node infrastructures in-house, only to find current providers only support a few networks. None of these situations are optimal for a company anticipating rapid growth. QT is a major milestone enabling builders in the space to leverage the reliability and security of our platform for their transacting needs. We are currently processing billions of transactions per month for enterprise customers.”

With QT, it’s now significantly easier for companies to add blockchain support and expand their protocol coverage without developing those capabilities in-house. QT clusters have many real-world applications. For example, exchanges can use QT nodes to settle and confirm trades, while research and data firms can use QT nodes to process terabytes of streaming and archival data across networks.

Bridging the gap between traditional enterprise companies and financial institutions who need access to blockchain data, QT nodes also enable AI and Machine Learning companies to build indexes off of the data that is stored on nodes to track addresses, look for trends, fraud, or movement in these networks to understand adoption. QT nodes can assist a company building tax reporting products that need easy access to the history of the blockchain in order to build that transactional history into their product or service.

“The Bison Trails platform was built specifically to service highly secure and decentralized Proof of Stake networks for block production and validation, with infrastructure that is enterprise-grade and distributed across cloud platforms and regions around the world,” added Aaron Henshaw, co-founder, and CTO of Bison Trails. “QT is a major milestone for our company. We’re now enabling builders in the space to leverage the reliability and security of our platform for their transacting needs.”

CryptoNinjas » Bison Trails launches node infrastructure for real-time data on 40+ blockchain protocols and networks

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