[ANN] [DEF No.1] Quantitative Fund launched by BitOffer - The first Cryptocurrency Quantitative Fund

DEF No.1 is a Bitcoin Quantitative Fund on BitOffer. It is a fund managed by BitOffer Quantitative team. The team will use trading strategies such as Quantitative Hedge, Quantitative Arbitrage, High-frequency trading, etc. to arbitrage from the BTC/USDT market. As the strategies have been tested for a long while, BitOffer Quantitative Fund will promise the investors a 20% fixed annualized return. It is a number that is really attractive.

First of all, what is BitOffer?

BitOffer is a cryptocurrency exchange starting providing service since March 15th , 2019. New, but innovative… Such as Bitcoin Options, Leveraged Tokens using Bitcoin & ETH as the underlying, Cryptocurrency Wealth Management.

No more praise word here.

What are the advantages of BitOffer Bitcoin Quantitative Fund?

  1. 20% Fixed APY Promised (Compared with yield-farming, and some financial products launched by other exchanges, the APY of the fund is fixed and stable. I know, some DEX fans may say that decentralized is more reliable…That is fine. We all know DeFi also can be hacked, like the “Harvest finance drama”. )

  2. Capital Guaranteed (Yep, it guarantees the original investment. The team will use strategies to arbitrage from the market, at the same time, it will never do any risky operation to bet for a high leveraged profit. Since it is a Quantitative Fund, it shall be operated in a stable way. )

  3. Stable and Fixed

For the basic information, that’s all…

You may want to ask that then what is our gain from all these?

First, arbitrage from the market is possible for a practiced team to make in the financial market. For example, many futures traders should know that the price index quarterly futures always has a price spread from the price index of the spot trading market, then an arbitrage possibility exists.

And TBH, BitOffer can complete profit-taking from it also.

That’s it..XD

In short, Bitcoin Quantitative fund is a fund that guarantees a 20% annualized return and 100% capital. It is a wealth management product that can help investors grow assets gradually.

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