Discover a simple scalping price action trading strategy to dominate Forex & stock market and: • How to use price action in order to scalp the markets (how to buy …


  1. Are you on TradingView? The community needs someone just like you! Clear and concise; I love the cleanness of your graphs btw

  2. Absolutely no BS and is fully packed with awesome content.loved it +1. I wish all youtubers were like this. Also I that was hope your share more technical analysis and strategy video. Thanks for this awesome content

  3. Too much…especially during a 1 minute time frame and scalping? REALITY..its just resistance and support …double this and head and shoulders that is overanalysis as is specific candle sticks like piercing line and abandoned baby.. overanlysis = paralysis.

  4. Nice video, lots of useful information. Thanks. In order to successfully trade scalping, you need a broker with a small spread. I know such a broker, this is FXOpen. ECN accounts: real market spreads from 0 pips and seamless order execution.

  5. Trend line is the ultimate simplicity within trading. To use an analogy in sports. It is like in football/soccer when the attacker thinks. Haha. I am going to beat the defender. I will play the ball on the right and then run past him on the left.

    However. If people are successful using it. Go ahead!

  6. 1.DT in uptrend (reversal)
    2.DT in downtrend (continuation)
    Same as
    3.DB in downtrend (********)
    4.DB in uptrend(************) ?‍♂️

  7. Could someone tell me what the best timeframe they have found this strategy to be successful at? And also the best settings of the Moving average for that timeframe?

  8. One of the most effective but difficult trades to make. If a trader lacks the patience to wait for the price retracement off the neckline and gets fooled by the head- fake can cause a losing trade. I know I've done it.

  9. Life came so easily when I started investing with him Nicholas Fernandez thanks to does who recommended his testimony how i got paid from your company I tried and also doing the same

  10. One of best videos on price action and scalping.Appeciate your clarity of thought process and the way of explanation.
    Love from INDIA….

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  12. Great video buddy. Really clean professional video. Good to see people who have such a good understanding of trading. Thanks for sharing. May you share many more. ;))

  13. annoying background music along with the way you speak, leave it short to your speaking because your content and explaination is good

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